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And if, Cost Reduction and Automated Solutions were both at the Tip of your Fingers!

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Technology decision-makers in our industry, are facing the challenge of reducing costs while implementing solutions with highly customized and automated workflows.

The natural option would be to develop proprietary solutions leveraging internal teams and/or external contractors. While this gives full control of the development process and eventually ensures the highest possible level of customization, this implies high direct and indirect costs due to the:

  • Learning curve on new technologies and business processes
  • Daily rates of specialized tech contractors
  • Need to continuously re-factor technology, develop functionality to cover new use cases, and integrate with new applications used by users
  • Management time to oversight each project


Following our most recent developments, ResearchPool is now able to offer an efficient option for the implementation of highly customized, automated, and integrated solutions for content, data, and events management under a SaaS model. Our value proposition combines low cost (from 50€ per user per month) and continuous re-factoring and functionality development.

In addition, we also partner with clients on a co-sponsorship model for the development of new functionality to cover new use cases.

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