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ESG Engagement & Interactions Tracking

ResearchPool's Microsoft Outlook Add-in

ResearchPool has launched a new customisable tool to allow investment managers to easily track environmental, social and governance (ESG) engagements on ResearchPool’s Microsoft Outlook Add-in.

The new service enables investors to accurately record all ESG engagements with companies direct from Outlook. This data is centrally store and available to share and analyse on ResearchPool’s secure, cloud-based platform, alongside corporate access, and analyst interactions.

Powerfully, this information is then displayed on ResearchPool’s company coverage dashboards alongside the firm’s external and internal research, proprietary data, and company announcements.


Easily Track ESG Engagements & Interactions

ResearchPool’s Microsoft Outlook Add-in is easily installed, and administrators have full flexibilty to control, customise and define the data sets they wish to capture. The Add-in allows users to track and analyse ESG engagements, corporate access, and analyst meetings directly from Outlook.

ESG Engagement

  • Easily record your firm’s ESG Engagements
  • Create customisable fields to capture the ESG data that your firm requires
  • Capture data on public and private companies, and sovereigns

Corporate Access Interactions

  • Easily record your firm’s Corporate Access interactions
  • Developed in conjunction with buy-side clients to ensure all relevant data is captured
  • Corporate interactions data can be used in investment RFPs to demonstrate sector expertise

Analyst Interactions

  • Easily record your firm’s analyst interactions
  • Capture data in a standardised format firm-wide
  • Provides oversight of all engagement with brokers and independent research providers

Data Analytics

  • Embedded Tableau software enables users to easily track, visualise, analyse, and extract all engagement and interactions data held on the platform for management information and reporting purposes

Contact Us To Learn More

To learn more about ResearchPool’s ESG engagement tracking solution and to arrange a demonstration click the button below or email us at [email protected].