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2024 Budgeting: Investing to Spend Less

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As contra-intuitive as it can be, often you need to invest to reduce spending. Achieving automation at scale through investment should not only enable you to reduce man hours/costs allocated to low-value tasks, but also reduce operational risks.

Our solutions at ResearchPool offer unmatched automation, integration, and customization at scale saving active asset managers many millions ($, €, £, etc..) per year. They combined the productivity of the Microsoft platforms (Office, Power, Dynamics, etc..…) with our advanced APIs, Web Applications, and Add-ins to deliver unparalleled cost savings from as low as 50€ per user per month.

The right IT solution may also help you to decommission legacy and redundant systems and services that are ineffective, not updated, and costly to run.

In the context of reducing active managed AUM (i.e., attrition from passive management), increased regulatory scrutiny on the value for money of your products, and the need to incorporate ESG in your investment process, any recurring or new unit of spending counts.

The cost of your products will determine the success of your business in the challenging years ahead.
Our solutions at the Research Pool offer what you need to manage your content, data, and events!


Data search screenshot

Content Management

Aggregation of both internal and external content (research reports, internal documents, notes, etc…) combined with smart search enabling your users to have a single point to access all content that is relevant to them, upload content directly and quickly from Microsoft applications and understand what is being consumed.

Data Update

Data Management

Consolidation of external and internal feeds with advanced visualization enabling your users to quickly make sense of the data that is made available to power investments and identify any data redundancy.

Event Management

Activities Management

Fully customisable, automated and intra -day reporting for ESG and Financial purposes that can be delivered at predefined schedule through email and sFT